• Inercex Box

    InerceX, isoinertial
    training devices

    InerceX, isoinertial

    Reinventing strength work to improve your health

    Reinventing strength work
    to improve your health

  • Inercex Box

    Revolutionary technology


    Sports performance and rehabilitation

    Sports performance
    and rehabilitation

What is InerceX

InerceX are inertial training machines to achieve a more intense, effective and safe strength training

They are based on a revolutionary technology developed by NASA for its astronauts and now available to everyone.

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What is inertial training for?


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    of the body

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    Faster recovery
    after training


Strength workouts like you've never done them before

The interchangeable wheels of different weights and diameters use inertia to provide a high and variable resistance in concentric and eccentric movements.

When the wheel is accelerated, it provides resistance, which allows you to work all phases of the movement effectively.


The future of training has arrived

Increase your power and perform full body workouts.

The resistance generated will depend on the wheels placed on the machine and the speed and strength with which the exercise is performed.

Who is InerceX for?

Incredible results in any situation


Perfect tools to work with all types of clients in their workouts.


Both devices take up little space and are very versatile for training at home.


Focusing on the eccentric phase of movement helps injury recovery.

Inercex Wall


Innovative technology to give added value to your center and your customers.


Work all muscle groups safely, with the right resistance.

Professional clubs

Valid for any professional sport. Supported by scientific evidence.

Inertial training has no resistance limit

In traditional training the limit is in the weight you select, while with InerceX the limit is set by you.

Product Catalog

Our range of inertial machines.

Two options for different uses. Select the one that best suits your needs:


Includes: 3 wheels, Vest,
Single Handles, Long Handle, Belt

412,40 € (499,00 € IVA incl. )

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Includes: 3 wheels, Ankle Wrist bracelet,
Handle, Long handle, Belt

536,36 € (649,00 € IVA incl. )

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Dimensions (LxWxH):

  • Box: 91,1 x 51,4 x 38,6 cm
  • Wall: 46,76 x 37,6 x 192,7 cm


  • Box: 27kg
  • Wall: 35kg


  • Steel

Inertia range (kgm²):

  • 0.005-0.20

Inertia factor (minimum to maximum):

  • x40

Wheels (maximum 2 at a time):

  • 1st Wheel: 0.010, 1.65 kg.
  • 2nd Wheel: 0.025, 2.55 kg
  • 3rd Wheel: 0.050, 3.65 kg

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